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Compatibilidad de actividades privadas

The law prohibits the recognition of support private activities that may involve a breach of the desempeñ functions, tuples, by resolutions of recognition must respect the following limitations:

  • No person may exercise, directly or through substitution, private activities, including those of a professional nature, whether on their own or under the jurisdiction or service entities or individuals that are directly related to the developed by the Department or Agency entity which person was intended.
  • Private activities that correspond to jobs that require the actual presence of the person concerned during a time equal to or greater than half the regular weekly working hours in public administration, may be authorized only when public activity is one of those contained in Law 53/1984 and part-time.
  • may not recognize support for private activities who are having authorized the compatibility for a second or public activity, provided that the sum of both days is equal to or above the minimum in public administration.
  • No may recognize the year with support for private activities desempeñ staff, and jobs that entail the perception of specific supplements or comparable concept, which exceed 30% of their basic salary excluding concepts that have their origin in the antique & uuml; age. (However, with regard to officials of the General State Administration, the fifth additional provision of Royal Decree-Law 20/2012 of 13 July on measures to ensure budgetary stability and promoting competitiveness, the A1 and A2 subgroups, and the Agreement of Council of Ministers of December 16, 2011, for C1, C2 and E, allow the possibility of having to request such reduction of remuneration to gain recognition compatibility.

    In any case, it is forbidden to take the following private activities:

    1. The desempeñ; or private activities, including those of professional, either on their own or under the jurisdiction or service entities or individuals, in cases in which it is intervening, has intervened in the past two yea, I or having to intervene on grounds of public office.
      Or public office, the professional activities provided to people who are obliged to serve in the desempeñ include especially in this incompatibility.
    2. The members of the Boards of Directors or governing bodies of Companies or private entities, provided that the activity thereof is related to managing the department, agency or entity in providing services affected personnel.
    3. The desempeñ, or by itself or through third parties, of all order positions in companies or concessionaires companies, contractors, services or supplies, tenants or managers monopolies, endorsement or participation or public sector, regardless whether the legal construction of those.
    4. The top 10% in the capital of companies or firms in the preceding paragraph refers to participation.


      Support for private sector falls to the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, which has delegated to the Office of Conflict of Interests, on the assumption that the decisions are in accordance with the proposal of the Secretary of the relevant Department; the competent body of the Autonomous Community or the Local Corporation plenary on the report, if any, of the Directors of the agencies, entities and public companies.

      support private activities

      Deadlines and effects

      Applications for authorization to exercise private activities support shall be construed estimated if within three months had no express decision.

      See the procedure for the compatibilidad public activities.