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Retribuciones para el año 2017 para el organismo Ministerio de Justicia

Retribuciones para el año 2017 para el organismo Ministerio de Justicia

Last update: 04/02/2021

Ministerial fee

Position Retribution
Ministro de Justicia 8T(*) 74.975,55
Secretaria de Estado 8T(*) 115.510,73
Subsecretaria 7T (*) 103.336,86
Secretario General de la Admon de Justicia 12T(*) 110.169,80
Abogado General del Estado 9T(*) 104.402,05
Secretario General Técnico 5T (*) 87.500,01
Directora del Gabinete del Ministro 85.196,44
Director General de Relaciones con la Administración de Justicia 9T(*) 94.704,80
Director General de Cooperación Jurídica Internacional y Relaciones con las Confesiones 10T(*) 91.387,26
Director General de los Registros y del Notariado 79.580,44
Directora General de la Oficina de Recuperación y Gestión de activos 10T(*) 89.399,75

Annual brute fee. Amounts expressed in Euros.

(*) In case of the high charges that are civil servants it will be included in his brute fee the quantity perceived by antiquity in the position, the trienniums that correspond to the Group or Subgroup under which the Body is classified or It climbs to that the civil servant belongs according to the Article 20 of the Law of General Budgets of the State, which quantities are specified later.

(**) The occupation of this position has varied throughout the year

It notices: The high charges of the Administration do not perceive any additional remuneration for belonging to Boards of Directors.

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