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Comisión para la Reforma de las Administraciones Públicas (CORA)

Logotipo de CORA

In 2013 the Office for the implementation of the reform of the administration (OPERA), the Ministry of the Presidency was created, in order to ensure implementation of the measures included in the report the Commission for the Reform of Public Administration, assume their monitoring, promotion, coordination and, where appropriate, propose new measures. The Royal Decree 671/2014, of August 1 , grants permanent OPERA and also assigns functions relating to the Transparency Portal of the Ministry of the Presidency which will facilitate citizen access to all information to which the Transparency Law is concerned. "Link-external"

Report of the Commission for Public Administration Reform (PDF) . Third quarter 2015 "Link-external"

Executive report. Balance CORA (PDF) .

This information space on CORA measures are permanently kept up to date and developments will be announced through the Twitter account "link-external" ReformaAAPP and in the Portal account: transparencia_e .

Informe de la Comisión para la Reforma de las Administraciones Públicas, (acceder al informe en inglés)

Informe ejecutivo. Balance CORA. Mayo 2016 (PDF)

Informe trimestral de seguimiento. Junio 2016 (PDF)

Este espacio informativo sobre las medidas de CORA se mantendrá permanentemente actualizado y las novedades se anunciarán a través de la cuenta de Twitter: @ReformaAAPP y también en la cuenta del Portal: @transparencia_e.

CORA objectives and strategic guidelines

State of the CORA reform. Third quarter 2015