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Resoluciones denegatorias

En esta página se recogen las resoluciones denegatorias, previa disociación de los datos de carácter personal, basadas en las causas señaladas en el punto 1 del artículo 14 de la Ley 19/2013 de Transparencia, Acceso a la Información Pública y Buen Gobierno.

The causes that may lead to the denial of access are those that could undermine:

  1. The national security.
  2. The defense.
  3. The external relations.
  4. Public safety .
  5. The prevention, investigation and punishment of those criminal, administrative or disciplinary offenses.
  6. The equality of parties in legal proceedings and effective legal protection .
  7. Administrative functions of monitoring, inspection and control.
  8. title = "Economic and commercial interests"> The economic and commercial interests.
  9. The economic and monetary policy.
  10. Professional secrecy and intellectual property.
  11. The guarantee of confidentiality or secrecy required in decision-making processes.
  12. The protection of the environment.

    See resolutions including several causes refusal.

    It is ordered because of denial. Collect the following information:. The ground for refusal, the responsible ministry and the proposed consultation

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